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Shia Labeouf has long emerged from the role of a shy guy beaming before Megan Fox. Since the time of Transformers, he managed to take part in risky projects, such as Nymphomaniac by Lars von Trier and ambiguous advertising of Nike “Just Do it”. The role of a bad guy who doesn’t care about public opinion is supported by his peculiar street style.

One day, he participates in a marathon, wearing pink leggings, and the other returns from the gym in army boots and faded second-hand jeans.
Obviously, Shia does not bother about his looks, however, such deliberate negligence has already erected him into an unspoken icon of street style.
One of the proofs of this is the Instagram page Shia Labeouf`s outfits, which already has 85K followers.  

Shia`s Fashion Rule #1

No conditionality. Wear the same clothes as much as you want. Sometimes objects can migrate from one look to another. Sometimes you can wear completely the same outfit. 

Shia`s Fashion Rule #2

No color restrictions. Wear as much pink as you want. Use non-standard color solutions and textures.

Shia`s Fashion Rule #3

Don’t let fashion dictate to you, rather you dictate to fashion. Be one step ahead before it becomes mainstream.

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Shia`s Fashion Rule #4

Outerwear can make the whole look unforgettable. Cowboy jacket with a fringe, or cardigan with a deer, you decide.Shia Labeouf is teaching to not be boring if it is not necessary.


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