Millennials Tell About Their Favorite TV Shows

netflix and chill

Slang term “Netflix and chill”  has been firmly established in the millennial lexicon. Let`s omit for the moment what it usually means in Tinder messages. However, this concept gradually developed into a lifestyle. It must be admitted that the TV production industry has reached a whole new level in the last few years. Monthly subscriptions for HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime TV  has become as mundane as paying for phone and internet. Episodes of House of Cards are discussed among today’s youth no less than basketball games. New seasons of Game of Thrones or Walking Dead are expected no less than the Super Bowl. Also, the conceptual series Maniac and Black Mirror make you think about the future at the same level as the “Science and Technology” section in New York Times. 

For instance, famous directors like Damien Chazelle, Alfonso Cuarón, Joel and Ethan Coen make TV series and movies for Netflix. Also, Jake Gyllenhaal, Adam Sendler, Jane Fonda, and many more award-winning actors participate in Netflix projects as well. According to the Economist, Netflix will spend around $13 billion on their content this year. In addition, it produced  80 feature films this past year, compared to just 23 for Warner Brothers and 10 for Disney. And apparently this is just the beginning. Marketing Ana asked millennials what their favorite TV-shows are and why it is important for them to set aside time for “Netflix and chill”.


marketing ana millennials talk about their favorite tv shows

Alexis K.


One of my favorite shows on Netflix is Grace and Frankie. The main characters, along with the supporting cast, all have such unique personalities and quirks that make the dialogue and situations hilarious. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin complement each other perfectly.  

john s

John S.

Software Engineer

My favorite Netflix shows are You and Blue Planet. I enjoy watching Blue Planet as it highlights the vastness of our world. In the age where knowledge is power, it’s humbling to peek into our oceans and realize there is much that we do not know, and much more we have to learn. The show You is incredible in an awful way. It shows how dangerous obsession can be, but also that it’s almost ingrained in us to be curious over things we sometimes shouldn’t be. The suspense is almost palpable and always leaves you wanting to binge watch the next episode!

Carson A.

Carson A.

Mortgage Compliance Officer

Longmire is my favorite series on Netflix. The show takes place in a county in Wyoming that borders an Indian reservation. I really like this show because it’s a crime drama that reminds me of my hometown in Oregon, which is about 10 miles from the Warm Springs Reservation.

danylo v

Danylo V.

Software Engineer

My favorite TV series is Friends on Netflix, because it’s a fun and mind-capturing story of the most cohesive social group that I have seen. They have set a gold standard of friendship for many decades to come. Friends also touches other aspects of human interaction like dating and marriage. It’s a delightful show with many important lessons.

Marketing ana picture. Anastasia Ivleva blog picture

Anastasia I.

Marketing Director

I am a longtime, huge fan, of the Black Mirror. I watched the entire series and look forward to the new season. I am very excited to see ways in which the show portrays a future so realistic that we can envision it actually happening. I also love to watch crime shows like Sharp Objects and True Detective.
My boyfriend and I always watch them together and compete in guessing who will end up being the bad guy. Soon I plan to watch The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley, which is about former Theranos CEO, Elizabeth Holmes.