Hygge Concept. Laconic and cozy interior design

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Hygge is a Danish concept meaning joy and warm atmosphere. It is a state of mind when you are enjoying a life filled with comfort, warmth of friendship, and love. The idea of ​​a perfect home that one did not want to leave was formed by the Danes. From year to year, all kinds of world ratings call this northern people one of the happiest. For sure, the Hygge concept contributes to this. The idea behind Hygge in interior design is a laconic and cozy space where you would love to live and spend all your free time. The pace of life is accelerating, every day we are faced with a huge amount of information, so this is important to have your home as a place for relaxation. There are several distinctive features of the proper Hygge.


The decorative elements should not irritate and attract too much attention. The house becomes a place of relaxation, where convenience and comfort are the first and foremost of important things. All elements perform some function. Сold white and grey colors combine with warm knitted textures. No excess of incompatible colors and extravagant bulky furniture.

Plants and Wood Texture

The concept Hygge implies environmental friendliness. Natural textures of wood and stone, plants and flowers. The house should call to mind unity, not only with yourself, but also with nature. The contrast of light colors goes well with the warm brown shades of wood. And the fresh green leaves of the plants fill the space with air.

Luxury Bathroom

Because everything in the house is designed to serve your relaxation, the bathroom should resemble a spa. A large deep bath, soft rugs, and a window with amazing views. Hygge means that the bathroom deserves no less attention than a living room or a kitchen.

Natural Materials

Natural textures and eco-friendly materials should contribute to your comfort. At the moment there are so many ways to eliminate harmful elements from your home. Paper wallpaper instead of vinyl, an array instead of laminate, gypsum instead of polypropylene. If you have the opportunity and desire, you can create an absolutely ecological fortress for your health.

Neutral Color Scheme

A combination of cool shades like gray, white, and blue with warm pastel tones can create a spacious and, at the same, time cozy place. Also, a combination of cold stone, silver and marble with warm colors of wood and gold. If desired, you can add muted shades of blue, green, or red.