Exciting technologies of the future

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Humans have come a very long way on the road of development, innovation and technology. From stone-made fires, to artificial intelligence and breathtaking robotics, the history of our existence has been completely reshaped by the boundaries of our imagination. A couple thousand years ago, no one would have imagined a reality where communication happened as seamlessly as snapping ones fingers, or even imagined that humans could explore the possibility of life on another planet, but hey! look at us now! However, as we have come to realize as a species, our minds are never satiated with breakthroughs, no matter how substantial; our curiosities always push us to do more, be more and create more. For this reason, we have put together this mini-article giving a snippet of some of the most exciting technologies and innovations that may grace the human landscape in the coming years. Technologies that could totally redefine the limits of what is possible.

Flying Cars

  “Up there, in the sky. Is that a car? Is that a plane? Oh wait! It’s both!”. As the population of the world gets ever larger and the transition to the middle class grows, the ever increasing need to get from place to place via road transport will lead to an accumulation of vehicles on the roads, ultimately translating to congestion. The skies, however, are one space that sees vast potential in the grand scheme of transport. The future could see vast developments in flying car technology where cars act as mini-hybrids; a kind of cross between a minuscule plane and a road-running car, thus bridging the gap between air and land travel, and who knows, perhaps this flying car technology could also be extended to include some form of underwater transport!

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Augmented Reality

  Have you ever imagined yourself as the superhero that swoops in and saves the world from danger? With augmented reality, you can. Augmented reality modifies the real environment by applying computer-generated objects. It essentially expands our physical world, adding layers and layers of information onto it; a seeming change of perception on a holistic level. Imagine playing a game where YOU were physically your avatar. The entire gaming environment would be mapped onto your current reality and you’d literally be living the game. Fascinating, isn’t it? Augmented reality possesses the capacity to revolutionize the world in terms of data visualization, planning for natural disasters, predicting things before ahead of time, and running simulations of events.

5g, 6g and yes, even 7g technology

  Humans love speed; we crave it. More speed, more bandwidth, faster wi-fi, more connectivity. The technologies of 5g and beyond quench our desires for mobile connectivity speeds and, you guessed it, goes the extra mile. Imagine a mobile technology so fast that a surgeon in one part of the world could use the technology to operate on a patient in another part of the world! Insane, right? The possibilities of 5g, 6g and more gives us a wide variety of potential that could be extended to health, data storage, analytics and mind-to-mind communication (yes, I just said telepathy!), and, possibly, the digitization of the entire planet. A world connected by a single thread of supersonic internet connectivity. The possibilities are quite endless!

Driverless Cars

  This is perhaps one of the craziest futuristic envisions yet to come. A vehicle that drives itself. Intelligent enough to avoid people and objects, wait for pedestrians, navigate bends and sharp turns, obey traffic regulations, control its own speeds and communicate with other cars of like technology within a given area! Crazy. The driverless cars are still experimental, but the possibilities of their applications could be enormous. Safety, of course, is still a concern, but the viability of its applications in terms of helping disabled people get from place to place, ease the stress of the human navigator, and even provide an advanced sense of security are all pluses to adore.

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The world is expanding faster than we can think or know. Very soon, we’ll have a colony of humans inhabiting other planets, eat food not grown in the ground, live in alternate realities, travel at unimaginable speeds, and communicate with never before experienced capacities. The unpredictability of our human evolution in the landscape of technology makes for a very exciting existence of our entire species. What a time to be alive!


Hygge Concept. Laconic and cozy interior design

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Hygge is a Danish concept meaning joy and warm atmosphere. It is a state of mind when you are enjoying a life filled with comfort, warmth of friendship, and love. The idea of ​​a perfect home that one did not want to leave was formed by the Danes. From year to year, all kinds of world ratings call this northern people one of the happiest. For sure, the Hygge concept contributes to this. The idea behind Hygge in interior design is a laconic and cozy space where you would love to live and spend all your free time. The pace of life is accelerating, every day we are faced with a huge amount of information, so this is important to have your home as a place for relaxation. There are several distinctive features of the proper Hygge.


The decorative elements should not irritate and attract too much attention. The house becomes a place of relaxation, where convenience and comfort are the first and foremost of important things. All elements perform some function. Сold white and grey colors combine with warm knitted textures. No excess of incompatible colors and extravagant bulky furniture.

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Plants and Wood Texture

The concept Hygge implies environmental friendliness. Natural textures of wood and stone, plants and flowers. The house should call to mind unity, not only with yourself, but also with nature. The contrast of light colors goes well with the warm brown shades of wood. And the fresh green leaves of the plants fill the space with air.

Luxury Bathroom

Because everything in the house is designed to serve your relaxation, the bathroom should resemble a spa. A large deep bath, soft rugs, and a window with amazing views. Hygge means that the bathroom deserves no less attention than a living room or a kitchen.

Natural Materials

Natural textures and eco-friendly materials should contribute to your comfort. At the moment there are so many ways to eliminate harmful elements from your home. Paper wallpaper instead of vinyl, an array instead of laminate, gypsum instead of polypropylene. If you have the opportunity and desire, you can create an absolutely ecological fortress for your health.

Neutral Color Scheme

A combination of cool shades like gray, white, and blue with warm pastel tones can create a spacious and, at the same, time cozy place. Also, a combination of cold stone, silver and marble with warm colors of wood and gold. If desired, you can add muted shades of blue, green, or red.


FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM: Shia Labeouf`s Outfits

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Shia Labeouf has long emerged from the role of a shy guy beaming before Megan Fox. Since the time of Transformers, he managed to take part in risky projects, such as Nymphomaniac by Lars von Trier and ambiguous advertising of Nike “Just Do it”. The role of a bad guy who doesn’t care about public opinion is supported by his peculiar street style.

One day, he participates in a marathon, wearing pink leggings, and the other returns from the gym in army boots and faded second-hand jeans.
Obviously, Shia does not bother about his looks, however, such deliberate negligence has already erected him into an unspoken icon of street style.
One of the proofs of this is the Instagram page Shia Labeouf`s outfits, which already has 85K followers.  

Shia`s Fashion Rule #1

No conditionality. Wear the same clothes as much as you want. Sometimes objects can migrate from one look to another. Sometimes you can wear completely the same outfit. 

Shia`s Fashion Rule #2

No color restrictions. Wear as much pink as you want. Use non-standard color solutions and textures.

Shia`s Fashion Rule #3

Don’t let fashion dictate to you, rather you dictate to fashion. Be one step ahead before it becomes mainstream.

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Shia`s Fashion Rule #4

Outerwear can make the whole look unforgettable. Cowboy jacket with a fringe, or cardigan with a deer, you decide.Shia Labeouf is teaching to not be boring if it is not necessary.


5 tips how to speed up your website

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User experience has become an integral part in production of software and any website. Sources of information are increasing. Each company fights for its consumer, whether it is a consumer of services or a blog reader. With so many different possibilities, people easily part with brands and products, giving preference to the winner for the most convenient opportunity. The fact that the site should be incredibly fast and convenient is not even discussed.
But is it so obvious to everyone that sometimes it is necessary to devote a considerable amount of time to improving the speed of the website as well? Absolutely not.

Very often, website speed is not a concern, regardless of whether you hire a web developer or create the site yourself as a beginner. Of course, it’s hardly worth worrying about speed if your website is one page without an abundance of photos, additionally downloaded plug-ins, fonts, forms, and so on. But if you have any kind of a website, it will never be superfluous to verify its performance and make changes if required. 

1. Serve Scaled Images

When you upload an image larger than your layout requires, you may have an issue with scaled images. For instance, if you upload an original image of 600 pixels x 600 pixels, but it displays as a 40×40 thumbnail through html and css.  In this case the browser needs to download a large image, then rescale it and display it as thumbnail. 

To serve scaled images you need to upload already resized images. Any program that can change the image resolution is suitable for this purpose. For example, Photoshop, Online Image Resizer or WordPress resizing plug-ins. 

marketing ana blog how to speed up a website

2. Use a CDN

CDN is a Content Delivery Network, which is used to minimize the distance between your website visitors and your website’s server. This network stores a cached version of content in multiple points of presents (PoP’s). In other words, if someone from a European country is accessing a website hosted in the US, he receives content through a local European point of presents. In this case  users will receive content much faster than if they need to request a response from a US server. 

Furthermore, CDN does not cost much, so it is worth it to use it to give your customers a fast  web experience.

3. Reduce DNS lookups

DNS – Domain Name System – converts human readable domain names into IP addresses. For example, after typing a domain name in your search bar, a DNS query is performed by your ISP to request the name of servers associated with this domain. 

When you use the free DNS providers, they are usually very slow. In other words, DNS providers use pretty much the same model as CDN providers. They have many points of presents around the world. Which means, as bigger DNS provider is, as faster will be a website performance. The biggest DNS providers are Amazon, Cloudflare, OpenDNC, etc. 




4. Leverage browser caching

Browser caching is remembering the resources that the browser has already loaded before. This means that to display your webpage, a web browser needs to load a lot of different resources such as logo, CSS, et cetera. 

You can reduce page load time for repeating visitors of your website. For example, by enabling caching. To do so you can find the .htaccess file in your web hosting file manager and add expires caching code to this file. The code should be added to the top of your .htaccess file. Basically, this code will tell your browsers what to cache and for how long to keep this information.

5. Minify JavaScript and CSS

Minifying means a process when you can remove not useful characters in the source code. This includes spaces, comments, line breaks and other characters. Consequently, a web browser can read a piece of code much faster if your files containing HTML, CSS and  JavaScript will be minified. 

In essence, you can minify manually or use online tools. CMS such a WordPress already contains a lot of plug-ins to minify you code.

A suite of tools from Google Developers. Allows you to minify  Javascript along with other helpful optimizations.

Online minifier which supports HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Also, it supports code combinations like CSS + PHP and JavaScript + PHP

For minifying CSS

User friendly tool to minify HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Allows to upload multiple Javascript codes at once.


5 New Trends From The Paris Fashion Week 2019

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Paris Fashion week has completed its shows for the Fall/Winter 2019/2020 season. And although autumn is still not close, you can start adopting many of the trends into your wardrobe now. Here are extraordinary prints, gothic style, 70s and other trends from the past Paris Fashion Week. 

Dark Gothic

Milan Fashion week made references to punk rock. In particular, Marni with its red and black colors, heavy boots, chains and black lipstick.

Meanwhile, french designers preferred concise Gothic with their Victorian lace, long gloves, and classic silhouettes. Alexander McQueen and Louis Vuitton dressed their models in black and red double-breasted jackets with studded straps, wide chokers, and an abundance of earrings. Also, Ann Demeulemeester brand used transparent flowing fabric for their gothic dresses and completed the looks with long leather gloves. Similarly, Maison Margiela, without changing traditions, created gloomy asymmetrical suits made of leather and textured fabrics. In addition, Balenciaga presented a selection of total black looks with long coats, midi dresses, and silk shirts. 

Blue Denim

Bleached brightly blue denim returns to the trend list. Past New York Fashion Week already drew our attention to the fact that the 60s and 70s are back in fashion with their patchwork and tie dye. Now, French designers have confirmed this trend with the return of denim, as on Jane Birkin in the 70s. 

For instance, A.P.C. presented a selection of blue denim men`s suits. Also, Balmain showed blue denim skirts, baggy boyfriend jeans, and jackets. Tommy Hilfiger, in collaboration with Zendaya, presented denim overalls. In the same vein, Christian Dior exhibited bleached denim midi skirts and dresses. 

Floral Print

Many French designers decided to decorate their collections with flowers. You can choose a dramatic rose shrouded in a chain like on Valentino‘s dress, or multicolored wildflowers like on Paco Rabanne`s pants. Consequently, flowers of different textures and colors adorned the clothes of many fashion houses this season.

For example, Isabel Marant presented floral print skirts. Also, Dries Van Noten used an abundance of print of roses and leafs. Most of Givenchy’s dresses were accented by romantic wildflowers and butterflies. Also, in on the trend were Andrew Gn, Mugler, and Saint Laurent, with each presenting many midi dresses with floral prints.

Plaid Print

Geometric patterns and checkered print have been actively used by designers this season. Loewe played with textures and decorated their coats with a combination of leather and fabric squares. Also, Off-White used checkerboard print for dresses and capes. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton used the same yellow-white color palette for their plaid skirts. 

Balenciaga added large black squares over trendy blue denim jeans. A more classic Scottish checkered print in grey and green was utilized by Nina Ricci, and Christian Dior for their coats and dresses. Redemption presented red tartan double breasted jackets and capes. 

Noticeable Accessories

Paris Fashion week showed that it is a time to focus on accessories. Examples include a huge white fur hat from Koche, and earrings from Jacquemus resembling napkins.  Consequently, you have a lot of options to draw attention to your look with accessories.

Long bowlers were presented by Nina Ricci and Ann Demeulemeester. Kenzo and Loewe created fluffy hats from alpaca wool and fur. Also, Loewe presented intricate hats resembling either the ears of elephants or rabbits. Hats with floral print were shown by Valentino and Aalto. More restrained but not less noticeable models of hats were presented by Valentino in leopard print, and Dior in geometrical print.

Also, many fashion houses presented mono earrings in the form of a chain for one ear. Among them, Mugler, Off-White, Balenciaga, and Givenchy. In addition, bulky earrings for both ears were on showcased by Y/Project and Stella McCartney.