Artificial Intelligence. What is it and how to use it for a business

What is Artificial Intelligence

What thoughts arise in a non-programmer’s mind when they come across the phrase “artificial intelligence”? Most likely, wires and computer servers, or even pretty women robots like in Ex-Machina. However, the fantasy episodes of the Black Mirror begin to resemble our everyday reality more and more. The future, filled with gadgets for every taste, is already very close and causes awe. And if a few years ago the invasion of artificial intelligence in our lives was frightening; today it feels more likely an ally than an enemy. 

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence is supposed to create intelligent machines which are able to think and react like people. AI Machines are usually divided into Reactive Machines, Limited Memory Machines, Theory of Mind Machines, and Self Awareness Machines. In addition, AI is rooted in Machine Learning with branches of Deep Learning and Predictive Analytics. Basically, machines obtain historical data and are trained to predict new data based on analysis of the previous information. Another type of Artificial Intelligence is Speech; performing by Text to Speech and Speech To Text. Then, there is Vision category, including Image Recognizing and Machine Vision. Also, Artificial Intelligence includes Language Processing (NLP) which performs Classification, Translation, and Data Extraction. Other important areas using artificial intelligence include Robotics, Expert Systems, Planning and Optimization. 

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How Do We Use Artificial Intelligence Today

If you own any type of smartphone, you automatically become an artificial intelligence user. For example, all voice assistants, including Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, are based on Artificial Intelligence. In addition, Cars like Tesla or drones used for delivery. Music, Media Streaming, and Video Game Services use AI. Most of your decisions on social media are predicted by AI based on your preferences and actions. For instance, Navigation, Travel, and Financing Apps also apply Artificial Intelligence for problem solving and planning.  Moreover, Smart Home and Security devices also successfully implement AI in order to keep improving to satisfy customer needs.

8 Artificial Intelligence Platforms That Can Help Your Business

Sisense simplifies business analytics for complex data by providing a complete solution for preparing, analyzing and visualizing big data. With smart suggestions and an intuitive visual interface, Sisense makes it easy for any user to combine data and discover hidden insights in one place. For the Data Analazing Sisense provides you with Interactive Dashboards, In-Chip Technology and Advanced Analytics. In addition, to discover insights instantly Sisense offers Pulse Alerts to receive automatic alerts for your most important KPI`s. Also, mobile alerts and Sisense Boto for dialogue with your data via
instant message.

  • Embedding analytics in software products
  • Connecting BI to Live data sources
  • Case studies
  • Mobile App
  • Dashboards and visualizations
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Powered by AI and deep learning, Timely is the only time tracking software that offers fully automatic time tracking. For example, you never have to remember to log hours, chase missing details or create timesheets ever again. Now all your billable hours are automatically recorded, whether you’re a moonlighting freelancer or a multinational company. Organize your work in an intelligent timeline, and use powerful dashboards for proactive decision making.

  • Improve Timesheet Accuracy
  • Increase Project Profitability
  • Optimize Team Performance
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With Atomic Reach’s actionable insights by your side, you save time, produce better content and deliver incredible results. Also, create personalized marketing communications that drive more leads & customer loyalty by leveraging Content Intelligence. 

Using Big Data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (A.I.), it delivers the answer to the age-old marketing question: “What should we write about?”

Understand and Maximize Your Content Performance

Your content marketing strategy is the foundation of what guides your marketing plan.

It is the blueprint for how you will turn potential customers into engaged leads that eventually convert. It allows you to align business goals with your marketing tactics.

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Acobot increases your online sales using conversational AI. Powered by advanced machine learning technology. Therefore, Acobot learns from your website and engages the users autonomously. It greets users, answers their questions, and nudges them to act as you expect. The outcomes are increased leads, boosted conversions and improved bottom lines. In other words, Acobot uses AI to build AI. 

  • Engagement
  • Sales Leads
  • Conversions

It offers the leading SaaS platform to build and manage conversational, digital sales assistants for the web, mobile, chatbots, voice-enabled devices, and in-store use. Moreover, Digital sales assistants leverage AI, machine learning and insights about purchase decision behavior. Zoovu helps to guide buyers to the right products. In addition,  helping businesses drive conversions and sales on digital channels.

  • Compelling Engagement Experiences
  • Automate Digital Engagement
  • Engage, Inspire and Convince More Customers
zoovu artificial intelligence

The Grid is a website builder that uses artificial intelligence, named Molly, for a website design. It can help your businesses with building websites in a fraction of the time, and cost, it would take a team of developers and software engineers to complete the same task. This could be a game-changer for small companies looking for time and cost saving.

Emarsys is a marketing automation tool that can free up human marketers’ time and create targeted marketing materials. It offers you to scale truly personal interactions across channels with the help of Artificial Intelligence and embedded industry solutions. They provide marketers with turnkey, embedded industry-specific solutions personalized for their objectives.

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