10 Signs That It`s Time To Quit Your Job

Quitting your job, especially without a back up plan, can be very scary. However, sometimes it is necessary. We always want to know if we are taking the right step, and making the right decision. Many times, we may even be looking for other opportunities, or simply just looking for a change, but we do not know if it is right to seize the bull by the horns. Below are 10 signs that show it is likely time to quit your job and take on the next job opportunity.

1. You Are Generally Not Happy At Work

  This is usually the first sign that you need to quit your job. You find yourself dreading when you have to go work. On the weekends, you do not want to even think about the fact that Monday morning will soon arrive. However, thoughts of dread about returning to work often infect your time away from work.

2. You Do Not Have The Opportunity To Grow Within Your Company

  When you are at a job that is routine and does not give you room to grow in your area of profession, it is probably time to find another job. You may feel that you are not challenged, and that there is little opportunity to advance in your company. This lack of ability to grow into a larger role within the company can lead to a lack of motivation and job satisfaction.

3. You Are Not Using And Improving Your Professional Skills

  Your job should allow you the opportunity to put your professional skills to use and, ideally, improve them. A position that does not allow you to do this will hurt your ability to advance in your career in the long run. It will also likely lead to low morale and motivation, which are both signs that you should start thinking about exploring other, more fulfilling, career options.

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4. Your Achievements Are Not Rewarded

  If you have been stuck in the same position, without promotions or pay raise, this is a sign that you may need to move. This is especially true when you feel like your work-product and performance is meeting or exceeding expectations, yet management does not reward your efforts. Worse yet, your supervisors may not even show gratitude or appreciation for the hard work you are putting in for the company. If this is the case, it is likely a sign that you should look for an employer who will reward your professional efforts.

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5. You Cannot Find A Common Language With Management

  When you feel like you are speaking a different language from that of the management, it is a sign that you are experiencing a breakdown in communication. You may even feel like you are in a state of complete disagreement with the management. This is likely because you no longer have the same objectives as the management, and is a reason to look for a new employer that shares your outlook.

6. You Cannot Get Along With Your Co-Workers

  When you find yourself getting irritated at your co-workers, despite having repeatedly tried to work productively with them, it may be that the work environment is not a good fit for you. Perhaps you are in your 30’s working with 20 something-year-olds, you may want to try finding something a bit more comfortable.

7. You Have Lost Your Motivation

  Once upon a time, you used to be very motivated to go to work and get things done. You had goals to meet and targets to reach. However, recently, you find that you lack the motivation to get anything done. A lack of motivation means it may be time to make a change

8. Your Values Do Not Coincide With The Values Of The Company

  You may find that you are not in agreement with the company’s goals or strategy. Or the values and directives of the company may have changed and are something that you can no longer align with.

9. You Do Not Have A Work-Life Balance

  You may find that you are constantly overworked and do not have any social life. Your life revolves around your job. This is unhealthy, and it will leave the rest of your life stagnated and unsatisfying.

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10. Your Job Provides Terrible Working Conditions And Benefits

  You may find that the conditions that should come with working at your job are not favorable enough. For example, maybe your equipment is not adequate, or the work-environment is made uncomfortable by your co-workers or inadequate facilities. Your employer might also not provide standard benefits that you desire, such as health care and paid vacation.

Every situation is different, but if this list hits home with you, it may be time to look for greener career pastures. At the very least, it never hurts to at least explore the possibility of moving on to a more rewarding position.


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