The idea of ​​this blog is to combine everything that might be interesting to young professionals (or not so young!). Here you will not find the unrealistic image of a perfectly successful life consisting of year-round parties and exclusively expensive brands. But you will find articles that will help you in your career, teach you new skills, tell you about upcoming art exhibitions, new fashion brands, and healthy recipes. This is also a platform for guests to share their thoughts and experiences with one another.  

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Anyone who has ever held a job in marketing knows that it is one of the most rapidly changing industries. Marketing must always remain in step with the advent of new technologies.  If you fall behind, then you will likely encounter difficulties in your work. I collect tips from different areas of marketing that will help you become as effective as possible. Based on my own experience, I can say that the most successful campaigns were created on the basis of creative vision and technical execution.

Fashion always fascinated me. It started with collecting my mother’s magazines on the subject, and continued through working as a model and fashion stylist. If you are inspired to create fashionable looks, and keep an entire collection of clothing stores in your browser bookmarks, then you will certainly find something interesting in the fashion section.

This is a space to discuss upcoming exhibitions and events, healthy recipes practical for everybody, fitness, technology, career, career and career again. We will also discuss issues relating to finding balance in your life, including time management and relaxation techniques. Style is life, and life is style. We bring it all together here. 

Growing up in the post-Soviet space, surrounded by Turkish carpets on walls and wooden Czech cabinets, I also admired Scandinavian minimalism and French modernism. I’m not sure how these different tastes are combined in me, but I now use them in my current job as a marketing manager for a furniture company. I also share my views on the subject of design in this section, and encourage you to join the discussion. 

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For business inquiries, including potential collaborations, please email me. You are also encouraged to share your opinion about any posts, give advice, or ask a question. I am always happy to hear your perspective. 

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